The Cirque du Soleil in Riviera Maya

One of the new attractions that the Riviera Maya offers for tourists and locals is the incredible production of Cirque du Soleil and Grupo Vidanta, “Joya”.

It is a show in which fantasy, dance, music and colors are the main elements. “Joya” represents the story of a grandfather who wants to inherit to his 15-year-old granddaughter the knowledge about everything that is important to live; making reference to music, food, painting, as well as characters and places in Mexico.

A small cabin in the middle of the jungle, inside the Theater of the Riviera Maya, is the place where history is represented, which has capacity for approximately 600 people and a space of 500 square meters.

Another of the important characters in this magical story is the monarch butterfly, since it serves as a connection between the cultures of Mexico and Canada and is considered a “Knowledge Traveler”, which refers to the meaning of “Jewel” as the union of wisdom and beauty.

The realization of this incredible show is the result of a year of assembly and rehearsals, as well as the excellent performance of 24 actors and dancers. If you leave behind all the production of audio, image, costumes and scenery.

It should be noted that the filmmakers of “Joya” were inspired by Mexican culture to carry out the idea, through collaborations with Mexican artists and shows.

The Riviera Maya Theater is located at kilometer 48 of the Cancun – Playa del Carmen federal highway. Ticket prices range from $65 USD to $165 USD.