The “10 Must-Sees” in Playa del Carmen

You already know the story: you are so Playense that sometimes you don’t even visit the beach anymore, you eat in the same places and you no longer know which bar is the trendiest. Visiting season is here and you don’t even know what to recommend, except for the beach that is close by and the tacos around the corner. What kind of host are you? Although Playa del Carmen is a young city without many traditions, there is always something to do here and there are places that are a MUST for any visitor. Here we share the list of 10 must-sees in Playa del Carmen that every tourist should visit. At the bottom we leave a nice video of Playa, just to pamper you. ????

Do not miss the 10 must-sees in Playa del Carmen.


Walking through our main avenue is a must for all locals and, of course, for tourists. The best gastronomic options and the exclusive boutiques are enjoyed while walking, even if you don’t go shopping in each place. It is ideal for meeting people, buying souvenirs and even finishing off the food or the party with a good walk. Currently the tourist zone ends at Calle 42, but its expansion is planned in the following years.


Our very own party place! Nothing like visiting the largest number of bars and clubs in one night to say that you were in Playa del Carmen. The small street offers different options to have a party until, ironically, the sun sends you to sleep. Electronic, Salsa or Pop at decibels above what is allowed will usually make you not want to stop the party. In addition, it is the ideal place to flirt with foreigners. In this iconic place, we all become sinners. A mandatory place, especially to celebrate the New Year.


The Xcaret Eco-Archaeological Park is also the most famous in Latin America and one of the most recognized worldwide. An unforgettable experience that includes shows, exquisite gastronomy and a sample of the joy of Mexico. It is so famous that even several world travelers come to Mexico just to meet it, sometimes not knowing that it is in Playa del Carmen. Xcaret or its sister parks Xel Ha and Xplor represent a must-see in any season of the year. We recommend doing it during the Festival of Life and Death.


Our best-known beach worldwide, for its crystal clear waters and large stretch of beach. Due to the boom that it acquired a few years ago, it now has 3 beach clubs and 2 large hotels, which, as always, causes wear and tear on it. however, it is still beautiful and very popular. You can visit it when there are special events such as the Jazz Festival, BPM or seasonal parties or any day, casual.


The most famous nightclub in the Caribbean is one of the places that everyone should visit, at least once in their life. With its spectacular shows that last until almost dawn, the party does not stop in this place. Coco Bongo is a point of reference for those who come to experience Playa at night.


This is one of the most traditional places to visit, especially if you want a quick sample of Mexican folklore (ideal for foreigners). In the same place you can find pre-Hispanic dances, Papantla Flyers, classic snacks, the Mayan Portal, the Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen and of course, the beautiful Caribbean Sea and the first inclusive beach of Playa del Carmen. All in the same place.


The Riviera Maya is one of the favorite destinations for diving and snorkeling, and although there are some places to do it in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel is where you will find the greatest variety. The good thing is that it is only a few minutes away by ferry, so visiting it is one of the options that are always contemplated by locals to take to their visits.


We do not need to explain why you MUST take your visitors to see at least one cenote, because remember that they are only found in the Yucatan Peninsula and are natural treasures of which we can be proud and also invite people to raise awareness of the importance of preserving them. There is nothing like cooling off in its waters and marveling at the many colors that can be seen in the mixture of light, rocks, water and fish. Whether they are open or cave, without a doubt the cenotes are unmissable places in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya in general.


Yes, you have to leave Playa, but in 40 minutes you will be arriving at this classic that needs no explanation. How many times have you had to visit them, accompanying your tourist friends? Surely you continue to amaze yourself every time you do it. The archaeological zone of Tulum is one of the places to visit that Playenses frequent the most due to its proximity and accessibility. And what about its beach… Tulum is one of those places that we like to boast as our own, even if it is in another municipality. Without a doubt, a must-see on the Riviera.


Famous for its beautiful beach where you can swim with turtles, Akumal and its Yal Ku Cove is a destination that many of us from Playa del Carmen enjoy visiting frequently and which we choose to present to tourists. Despite not being within Playa del Carmen, it is worth the trip to get to the only place in the area where you can see turtles in their natural habitat, as long as you respect the limits and just observe.

If you are not inspired to put together the tour with your visits, take a look at this super tour of Playa, you can still recognize places that you want to visit: