New Year in Playa del Carmen

Since the sun goes down, it is impressive -and very pleasant- a parade of all kinds of people, fashions and party accessories, although joy and the spirit of celebrating are always perceived as something in common. Passing seven, eight, nine at night, and as the minute that will mark the end of the year draws closer, a copious universe of people and styles passes before the eyes of the spectators on Fifth Avenue: tuxedos and Bermuda party dresses or Panama hats; hats and glasses, some with lights or glitter announcing the year to come.

The “zero minute” arrives and the New Year is welcomed “with great fanfare”. The fireworks, the uncorking of champagne and the distribution of good wishes begin, but that is where the long night is just beginning, despite the fact that by now there have been several hours of intense celebration. Playa del Carmen gives off a very particular aura on December 31 of each year, and it is something that, if you have the opportunity, you cannot miss it.